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Live chat and instant messaging car brands

For car brands that want to connect with their target audience, the opportunities lie within digital communication. By engaging with them through live chat and instant messaging, you have the opportunity to advise and influence them. And that results in more conversion and more leads for dealers.

Works well for any brand

More showroom appointments at affiliated dealers

The car buyer is orienting online and during that process many questions arise. You don’t want to be a bystander, but rather provide service and be in conversation with the customer. To reach your target audeinces you’ll advertize on social media and Google, and to connect with the customer you offer a variety of channels. When the conversation starts you’ll advise and gently move the customer to the goal of making an appointment.  From advertisement to the website to the showroom, you guide them through every buyer journey stage. With Bconnect’s services, you’ll provide affiliated dealers with good quality leads.

Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022

More appointments in the showroom

Get the car buyer back in the showroom with live chat and messaging apps

Icoon Dealers | Bconnect

More channels and more integrations

All channels in one omnichannel platform with 2000+ integrations

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Suberb service and customer satishfaction

With the best brands comes the best service. Excelling online gives you an edge.

Jaguar Land Rover

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Klantcase: Leads genereren voor de dealers

“Voor ons zijn afspraken in de showroom belangrijk en proefritten ook, maar offertes zijn de beste leads vanuit chat voor ons, daar halen we de meeste verkoop uit.”

Stefaan Heirman – Jaguar Land Rover Benelux


Bconnect | BMW klantcase
MINI Logo | Klantcase

Klantcase: Een vliegende start

“We begonnen gelijk op hoog niveau en daar zijn wij aangenaam door verrast. Wij dachten aan een geleidelijke stijgende lijn en dat na een paar maanden alles zou beginnen te lopen. Maar we begonnen echt direct met leads en ook verkopen die voortkomen uit chat”

Maurits Lindner – Online Salesmanager Dubbelsteyn

Trucks & Vans

Kleyn Trucks Logo | Klantcase
Bconnect | Kleyn Vans Klantcase

Klantcase: Dansen met de klant

“Het is jaar nummer drie van de samenwerking, dus Bconnect live chat is hier inmiddels ingeburgerd. We zijn de opstartfase goed doorgekomen, er is geen ontevredenheid, alles loopt goed. Tel je zegeningen, ons doel is bereikt.”

Bob van der Laan – Manager sales Kleyn Vans, Trucks & Trailers

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Increase your accessibility

Reachability is not just more hours for customer contact, reachability is also providing more places and channels to instigate that contact. We live in a digital age, and the car buyer expects you to be available outside of business hours to answer questions. Preferably anonymously, on all type’s of device and with their channel of choice. With Bconnect’s services, you offer them that freedom of choice from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., 7 days a week.

Bconnect | Jaguar Klantcase

How many extra cars do you sell with live chat ?

We cannot guarantee an exact number. However, we can make an estimate using a few simple steps in our calculator. After calculation you can decide whether you find the outcome interesting. Want that insight quickly?

Reach your target audience with conversational marketing

Do you want to engage with your target audience during their online orientation for a new purchase? Your customer is searching for information at any time and any place. With conversational marketing, you’ll know how to reach them at all those places. Whether they are in the park, on the bus, or at home. You wan’t to connect withing each stage of the buyer journey using a vareinty of channels. This can be done with ads, QR codes and buttons in all forms of advertising. Ask about your options and become a conversational car brand.

Bconnect | Meer kanalen voor importeurs

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Chat yourself

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Modern instant messaging channels

Live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages and many more. Consumers demand convenience and every car buyer has different preferences. With Bconnect’s omnichannel platform, you’ll offer freedom of choice to website visitors. For you, nothing changes, all messages gather in one inbox at our onmichannel platform.

The best integrations

At Bconnect are firm believers in custom solutions. Each client has different software and different needs. We offer a wide variety of integrations to fit yours.

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