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Do you also want more test drives, appointments in your showroom and online conversations with your target audience? We are experts in live chat for automotive companies and, as true experts, have been a fixture in automotive for over 10 years. From importers to dealer and occasion sales, we provide quality leads and an excellent online service experience.

Works well for any brand

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For occasion sales

With chat, you get the most out of your online communications. More test drives and more appointments. Improve your accessibility and sell more used cars.

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For brand dealers

Brand dealers are engaging with their target audience online. Through live chat and WhatsApp, they know how to advise car buyers and convert them into leads

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For importers

All communication channels in one central omnichannel chat platform. Effortlessly reach your visitors wherever, whenever and on whatever channel you want!

More test drives and showroom appointments with live chat

The car buyer primarily orients himself on the Internet before purchasing. They search for information, read reviews and watch videos. As a car company, you want to be in touch with them at that point, even before they have made a choice. Messaging via live chat, Whatsapp, Messenger or other messaging apps gives you a chance to advise and help make the right choices. Then you can guide the website visitor to an appointment or test drive.

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Sector specialist

With over 10+ years of automotive experience, we know the car buyer, know what questions to expect and how to persuade them to book a test drive

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More range

With Bconnect’s ChatRocket you are available to your customers 24/7. If you outsource your chat to us, you can be reached from 08:00 – 23:30, 7 days a week.

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Better online service

The first introduction and first contact. You only have one time to get it right. Our chat operators are trained for this and ensure an excellent online experience

Jaguar Land Rover

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Klantcase: Leads genereren voor de dealers

“Voor ons zijn afspraken in de showroom belangrijk en proefritten ook, maar offertes zijn de beste leads vanuit chat voor ons, daar halen we de meeste verkoop uit.”

Stefaan Heirman – Jaguar Land Rover Benelux


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Klantcase: Een vliegende start

“We begonnen gelijk op hoog niveau en daar zijn wij aangenaam door verrast. Wij dachten aan een geleidelijke stijgende lijn en dat na een paar maanden alles zou beginnen te lopen. Maar we begonnen echt direct met leads en ook verkopen die voortkomen uit chat”

Maurits Lindner – Online Salesmanager Dubbelsteyn

Trucks & Vans

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Klantcase: Dansen met de klant

“Het is jaar nummer drie van de samenwerking, dus Bconnect live chat is hier inmiddels ingeburgerd. We zijn de opstartfase goed doorgekomen, er is geen ontevredenheid, alles loopt goed. Tel je zegeningen, ons doel is bereikt.”

Bob van der Laan – Manager sales Kleyn Vans, Trucks & Trailers

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Increase your accessibility

Over 40% of all new car searches are in the evening. Questions always arise while searching for information and the car buyer expects you to be readily available to answer them, even after business hours. Preferably quickly and anonymously, on their terms and on any type of device. With chat or other channels, you offer them exactly what they want. Available 24/7 with the Chatrocket or with Managed Chat from 08:00 to 23:30, 7 days a week.

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How many extra cars do you sell with live chat ?

Exactly how many there are we cannot guarantee. However, we can make an estimate using a few simple steps in our calculator. You can then decide whether you find the outcome interesting. Want that insight quickly?

Being in conversation with your target audience

We have seen a shift in the buying process to online for years. Consumers buy just about everything over the Internet, including cars. Part of the sales conversation is also online these days. Car companies that capitalize on this are taking advantage of it. By providing online service and being in conversation with your target audience, you successfully move with the consumer’s wants and needs.

Trained chat operators cash in on these conversations by converting website visitors into test drives and appointments. Want to test this yourself with no obligation? Then request a trial period.

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Which solution is a better fit for your business?


Chatting yourself

What our customers say

"Any teething problems at startup have of course been there, that's normal. Bconnect is so transparent that small mistakes were noticed immediately and we received them as feedback from our dealers. What matters is that it is then handled properly and Bconnect has done that very well. We are just very happy with this transparency"

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Stefaan Heirman
Jaguar Land Rover Benelux

"I think we do many things well together and we are growing. We are both aware of trends and innovations in the market. We are both continuously improving and the pace is about the same. We both want to be better, with the right vision and with the right strategy. Looking at something with different eyes and building new things."

Pala Group
Bart Pellis
Pala Group

"With Bconnect, we are able to be accessible 7 days a week until 11:30 p.m. in a low-threshold manner. Because of the hybrid construction, we can first follow up the chats ourselves and if there is too little capacity, Bconnect takes over the chat. As a result, we can always be reached. I find the service very pleasant. In short, I would definitely recommend Bconnect.

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Kim Loonen
Van Tilburg-Bastianen
Bconnect | Jaguar Klantcase

All channels on 1 platform

Modern digital messaging channels such as; WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, Signal, Telegram, WeChat, etc. Plenty choice available. Consumers demand convenience and every car buyer has different preferences. With our omnichannel platform ChatRocket, you give website visitors choice and ease of use.

Nothing changes for you, everything comes together in one inbox

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Bij Bconnect geloven wij in een oplossing die past bij jou! Daarom bieden wij diverse integraties, zodat onze dienst naadloos aansluit op jouw onderneming.

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