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With chat for retail, you stand out in the marketplace! Customer experience is the key to success. Most consumers return when they have a good experience with a company, and that good experience has everything to do with speed, accessibility and quality. Choose quality, choose Bconnect.

How do you make retail conversational?

Webshop visitors are left with many small questions that are relatively easy to answer. You don’t want to have to send an email for every simple question, right? But instead you want to stay in conversation with your visitors. You can do this by adding Live Chat or an AI Chatbot to your webshop. Increase your online customer experience and help your website visitor make a purchase. This is how you increase online sales, store visits and quote requests.

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Good online service

Website visitors get answers to all their questions via chat, including product information and purchasing advice

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Chat as a conversion channel

It actively drives conversions such as: direct online sales, quotes, store visits and call backs.

Betere online service

Increased customer satisfaction

Fast and well-served customers increase loyalty by excelling in online service and accessibility.

Differentiate yourself with AI chat for retail

New web shops are springing up like mushrooms. In short, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in retail. How do you stand out in this competitive industry? The answer is live chat or AI Chat. Customer experience is the way to stand out; with chat, you add value.

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Customer experience is the key to success

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding, especially in the area of customer service. You can differentiate yourself in the area of customer experience. On average, 65% of customers do not make a repeat purchase after poor customer service experience. 57% Of customers drop out when questions are not answered quickly. With the help of Ai Chat or Live chat, you can prevent this from happening.

Reduce costs, increase sales!

That sounds great, right? With chat for web shops, you provide better support, reducing phone calls. Also, chat makes it possible to make multiple calls at once, reducing costs! You will see that with good service, abandoned shopping carts decrease, and conversions increase.

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Ask us anything!

We like to lead by example when it comes to customer support. So, do you have questions or want more information about live chat for car dealerships? Then start a chat with one of our operators!

Go for experience, quality and results. Go for Bconnect

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Don't waste time, sell online via chat for retail

Speed is becoming increasingly important, even within retail. How quickly do you find the information? How soon can you order? How quickly will delivery be made? For Web shops, AI Chat is the answer to the first two points. AI Chat makes it possible to answer visitors’ questions directly.

Your lead leaves...

Stop him! Why is your lead leaving? By using an exit intent pop-up, you can ask. That way, you won’t let the visitor leave with a filled shopping cart.


Who is going to do it?

Choose the service that suits you! Do you prefer to outsource all with Managed Chat, go for the best of both worlds with Hybrid chat, or do it all yourself?

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Managed Chat

With Managed Chat, you’re available 24/7 and you’ll get the most out of your online messaging. Bconnect’s trained live agents provide you with qualified leads.

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Hybrid Chat

Combine the best of both worlds with Hybrid Chat. Have conversations with your visitors and use Bconnect’s professional safety net at peak volume or after business hours.

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Instant messaging Platform

All communication channels in one central omnichannel chat platform. Effortlessly reach your visitors wherever, whenever and on whatever channel you want!

Curious about the possibilities? Request a demo!

At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can see for yourself. What are you waiting for?

What our customers say

"Any teething problems at startup have of course been there, that's normal. Bconnect is so transparent that small mistakes were noticed immediately and we received them as feedback from our dealers. What matters is that it is then handled properly and Bconnect has done that very well. We are just very happy with this transparency"

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Stefaan Heirman
Jaguar Land Rover Benelux

"I think we do many things well together and we are growing. We are both aware of trends and innovations in the market. We are both continuously improving and the pace is about the same. We both want to be better, with the right vision and with the right strategy. Looking at something with different eyes and building new things."

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Bart Pellis
Pala Group

"With Bconnect, we are able to be accessible 7 days a week until 11:30 p.m. in a low-threshold manner. Because of the hybrid construction, we can first follow up the chats ourselves and if there is too little capacity, Bconnect takes over the chat. As a result, we can always be reached. I find the service very pleasant. In short, I would definitely recommend Bconnect.

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Kim Loonen
Van Tilburg-Bastianen

Curious about the possibilities?
Request a demo!

At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can see for yourself. What are you waiting for?