Bring together offline channels, online channels, prospects and existing customers into one powerful platform. Through different channels, we make the connection during the customer journey. From marketing expression to conversation, conversation to lead and lead to sale. At Bconnect, you are at your beck and call.

Omnichannel, what do you get?

Seamless transition

No more awkward switching between different communication channels, just simple and fast with Bconnect’s omnichannel platform. For every visitor and every moment in the sales funnel, there is a channel that is a better fit. Using the omnichannel platform, you can easily keep track and switch seamlessly to any channel. Feel free to call it the most complete online customer service!

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Support tools

What is a national team coach without an assistant, a car without wheels and what is an omnichannel platform without supporting tools. We understand that, which is why we offer those support tools in abundance. Secure all knowledge and information in the knowledge base, process feedback and retrieve completed calls in the support system and track all results in the dashboards. That’s omnichannel at its best!

Omnichannel, which channels do we offer?

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Live Chat

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WhatsApp Business

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Facebook Messenger

Google Business Messages

Google Messages

Curious about the possibilities around Omnichannel?

We like to lead by example when it comes to Omnichannel. So, if you have questions or want more information. Start a chat with us!

Your customer comes first, including us

Visitors become customers and customers become repeat customers; it all happens within the customer journey. With our messaging platform, you can connect at every step of the customer journey and deepen the customer relationship.

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Keep your customers happy

After the sale comes aftercare. You have all the details of your new customer and you can now send proactive messages. Inform your customers about their purchase, possible maintenance and more!

Close the deal!

Is nothing standing in the way of the sale? Then it's time to close. You can send quotes and contracts via live chat or WhatsApp, or you can complete it with a video call. That's omnichannel at its best!

Hold attention

Once the initial questions are answered, the wants and needs are clear and there is interest, you may want to switch to another channel such as WhatsApp, SMS or Facebook Messenger. With the omnichannel platform, that's a piece of cake!

Make contact

In many cases, the first contact, in the orientation phase, will be through the live chat on the website after a properly configured trigger. But the first contact can also occur through WhatsApp conversation from an advertisement or by using a QR code. However the first contact begins: through the omnichannel platform, you are right there.

Request a demo

At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can see for yourself. What are you waiting for?

What other opportunities do we offer?

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Live Chat Agents

Do you prefer the human approach to Live Chat Agents? Even then you are in the right place with Bconnect!

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Would you prefer to use automated customer service? In that case, chatbots are the answer!

Want to learn more about WhatsApp and Live Chat?

Read these knowledge base articles!

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At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can see for yourself. What are you waiting for?