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Some call it an excellent customer experience, others an outstanding customer relationship, but it stems from the same foundation. Connection at any time, across channels, to your buyer persona’s customer journey.

Omnichannel strategie voor Customer journey

The Digital Customer Journey

Consumers orient themselves primarily online and you capitalize on that. By using messaging channels in your marketing campaigns, you actively engage with your target audience at any time of day. And every channel you use, every campaign you deploy, is an opportunity for new customers, but also an opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and keep customers loyal to your business with conversational marketing.

That’s cool, but how do you do it? And in what campaigns? To give you more insight, we’ve broken down the different options based on the touchpoints in the customer journey.

De online customer Journey

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Benefits of an Omnichannel approach

With an omnichannel strategy, you integrate all communications and data from all connected channels into one platform. This will give you more insights into your customers’ buying behavior and preferences. You switch channels easily and don’t have to log in to each channel individually. But more importantly, you are more accessible to your customer. They can choose their preferred channel and that removes a lot of barriers to good customer contact.


low-threshold contact

Fewer barriers, more conversations and more conversion


Very fast pick up time and responses

Fast response time ensures a good online experience


Reachability outside office hours/opening hours

Never miss a customer again with 24/7 reachability


Automation with AI

For faster responses and better follow-up


Enhanced data analysis and insights

Analytics with dashboard and KPIs

AI strategie voor Customer Journey

Every stage of the buyer journey fully utilized

An AI assistant that addresses the customer at the right time and offers help can be extremely effective in scoring more leads for sales teams. The smart AI model is able to have real conversations, answer customer questions, advise and ultimately drive conversion. Make sure you connect the AI to each stage of the buyer journey to get the most out of the digital customer journey.

Grotere bereikbaarheid

24/7 accessibility

Online in gesprek met je doelgroep

Everything under one roof

Sales en service naar een hoger niveau

All channels in one inbox

Dashboard chatgesprekken online digitale klantenservice

Dashboards and monitoring

Analyze your historical call data and populate your customer profiles with it. Provide an increasingly personalized experience. The AI assistant can see this data, responding to preferences and conversation history with the customer. The more you personalize conversations, the better the online customer experience becomes. This is how you maximize revenue potential from all online channels.

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"Chat is a strong addition and a trend with potential. It is year number five of the partnership, so Bconnect is now well established here. We got through the start-up phase well, everything is running smoothly."

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Bob van der Laan
Kleyn Trucks

"Of course there have been teething problems at startup, that's normal. What matters is that it is then handled well and Bconnect has done that very well. We are very happy with the transparency"

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Stephaan Heirman
Jaguar Land Rover - BeNeLux

"In our collaboration, we keep each other on our toes and provide feedback. Customer questions are usually addressed adequately and monthly a sloppy 45% of the chats conducted convert to a lead."

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Pim Kalfs
Harry Arendsen Volvo

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