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Bconnect is the most complete partner in Live Chat for estate agents. Whether you want to outsource live chat to an industry specialist, or are looking for ominchannel software for a chat feature on your website. With over 10 years of experience at major brokers and appraisers, we know what’s going on in the market. We know what questions your customers are asking, and we know how to turn those questions into appointments.

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Quality conversations with live chat for real estate agents

Home buyers are full of questions. Buying a home is one of life’s big purchases and they want to be sure of their decision. Questions about buying, making an offer, realtor fees, viewing, hidden defects and so on. There are also people looking for a sales broker and they have questions about how a sale comes about, what the costs are, or what exactly an option entails. And then there are the questions about new construction projects and legislation.

As specialists in live chat for real estate agents, we see these types of questions every day from our clients. But not only consumers use the chat. Governments and project developers regularly use live chat to connect with our clients. Whatever your goal, excellent online service or more leads, live chat makes an important contribution

Live chat voor makelaars

Personal conversations

With a personal and service-oriented approach, you get closer to your target audience and excel in communication and customer satisfaction

Branche specialist makelaardij

Sector specialist

With over 10+ years of experience in live chat for several major real estate agents and appraisers, we can start up very quickly and get good results for new customers right away

Digitaal contact

low-threshold contact

By being approachable and available for quick answers, you help the customer in making choices and increase conversion from website visits to appointments

The broker market is changing, move in time!

Demand keeps rising and competition is high. Distinctiveness is more important than ever. More and more homebuyers are searching online for a new house and a buying agent. This makes it a must to reach out to the potential customer at that place and time to engage with them.

With live chat for real estate agents, you stand out in a positive way by being available online. With viewings already frequently taking place in the evening and on weekends, there are more and more inquiries from buyers and sellers at those times. The desire for better online availability is a reality. If you want to excel in service you’ve got to move with the trend! Are you ready?

Bereikbaarheid van Makelaars
Voordelen chat voor makelaars

The benefits of live chat and messaging for real estate agents

1. The biggest advantage of all is that you are always reachable online when the buyer or seller has questions. Many searches take place on weekends and evenings, at those times consumers want to be serviced.

2. With well-trained chat operators, the customers get a good answer, and demonstrably more leads are generated. With a personalized approach and quick response time.

3. Trained chat operators handle multiple calls simultaneously, while your customer service by phone can only help one person at a time. Simultaneously, this ensures that your staff can focus on their core tasks.

Customer case: Mooijekind Vleut

How do their estate agents engage with their target audience online? And how do you successfully convert conversations into appointments or viewings? You can read our success story in this customer case

Klantcase - Mooijekind Vleut

Which solution is a better fit for your business?


Direct conversation with customers

Do you need more information about live chat or messaging for estate agents?

We like to lead by example when it comes to Live Chat. So, if you have questions or want more information. Start a chat with our operators and you’ll get instant answers to all your questions!

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Become a conversational broker with our omnichannel platform

Brokers and appraisers spend a lot of time, money and attention on advertising to stay ahead of the competition. But how many of the impressions do you convert into viewings or appointments? How many of the views lead to a sale? With conversational marketing, you engage with your target audience directly from button clicks in your ads. Not a wait-and-see attitude, but proactive interaction with your buyers!

Receive bids via QR codes on your window displays and front yard sale signs. Or add WhatsApp to your Facebook campaigns and answer all questions instantly. Curious how we do that?

Conversational marketing voor makelaars
Omnichannel strategie

Omnichannel strategy for real estate agents

As an estate agent you communicate directly with consumers, and as you well know they all have different preferences. Some want direct contact with quick answers via Live Chat, where others find a trusted channel like WhatsApp easier because you can have the conversation at slower pace. The next prefers Google Business Messages because they will enjoy anonymity. Be the broker who offers it all, provide your clients with options, and stand out with superb online service.

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At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can see for yourself. What are you waiting for?