5-Step Program

Our goal is to have great conversations with your customers. That’s why everything in the process is geared towards continuous improvement of the quality of our conversations and results. In short, the Bconnect 5-Step Program.

Go for experience, quality and result. Go for Bconnect

The power of the 5-step program

At Bconnect, we believe in the power of our 5-step program and that power is something we’d love to share with you! After all, if you can’t share, you can’t multiply. With the 5-step program we put your customers first to achieve the best results. Ready? Start, target, engage, convert, optimize!


Step 1: A good start...

Is half the work! Great conversations start with good preparation. Bconnect does that for you. With our experience and knowledge we lay the foundation for an excellent visitor experience. Think of an extensive knowledge base, quality training and knowledge transfer to your employees – We’ve got you covered!


Step 2: Your goal is our goal

More leads, sales or just better service to existing customers? Bconnect makes sure the targeting matches your goals and needs. Using the 3 W’s we help you determine what you need. To illustrate: Who do you want to reach? Where do you want to reach them? When do you want to reach them? Based on over 500 chat implementations, we know exactly how to help you achieve what you have in mind and how to set up the software for you.

Ask us anything!

We like giving a good example in terms of customer support. So, if you have any questions or if you want more info, simply book us for a chat or a video call!


Step 3: Whatever it takes: The ultimate customer experience

All visitors are different. Where one person likes to use live chat, the other is more likely to make contact via Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Whatever has your preference, at Bconnect you have all your desired channels under one roof, so you’re always ready and able to speak to your visitors. In short: whatever it takes for an optimal customer experience!


Step 4: From visitor to costumer

A conversation with a sales opportunity? No time to lose! Thanks to the systems of Bconnect you can easily and quickly forward the lead to the right person within the organization. Do you want to get the lead directly in your CRM, or would you rather receive it via e-mail or WhatsApp? No problem: our output seamlessly connects with your business processes and systems!


Step 5: Step it up

Our job doesn’t end when you have a new client or lead. Internally at Bconnect, we are continuously improving and expanding our solutions and processes. We entirely focus on improving quality and results. In other words, we will always step it up and try to take our service to the next level, that is our promise to you!

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At Bconnect, we are definite about our qualities. That’s why we offer an obligation-free trial, so that you get a good vision of what we can bring you. What are you waiting for?