5-step program

Our goal is to engage in great conversations with your customers. Therefore, everything in the process is focused on continuously improving the quality of our chat conversations and results. Enter the Bconnect 5-Step Program!

Go for experience, quality and results. Go for Bconnect

The power of the 5-step program

At Bconnect, we believe in the power of our 5-step program and we love to share it’s benefits with you! Because however dufficult generating leads may seem sometimes, there’s always ways to succeed at it. With the 5-step program, we use a customers centric strategy to achieve the best results. Ready? Start, target, engage, convert, optimize.

De kracht van het 5-stappen programma

Step 1: A good start....

Is half the battle! Great conversations begin with good preparation. Bconnect does the prep for you. Through our knowledge and experience, we lay the foundation for an excellent online customer experience. To ensure success we make use of an extensive knowledge database and provide in quality training as well as knowledge transfer to your employees – We’ve got you covered!


Step 2: Your goal is our goal

More leads or just better service to existing customers? Bconnect makes sure the targeting strategy lines up with your goals and wishes. Using the 3w foundation, we help you to determine what your needs are. 3w questions are: Who do you want to reach? Where do you want to reach them? When do you want to reach them? Based on more than 500 live chat project implementations, we know exactly how to help you achieve what you envision and set up the software for you.

Richt op

Ask us anything!

We like to lead by example when it comes to customer support. So, if you have questions or need more information. Start a live chat with our operators!


Step 3: A consistent, high-quality customer experience

Visitor may have different preferences. For example, where some prefer to use live chat, the next person is more likely to get in touch by using  Whatsappof Facebook Messenger.  With Bconnect you have all desired digital communication channels in one inbox  In short: Everything you need to ensure a superb customer experience!


Step 4: From visitor to lead

In a conversation with sales opportunities, there is no time to waste! With to Bconnect’s platform, you easily transfer the lead to the right person within your organization. Do you want the lead transfered directly into your CRM, or would you rather have us mail you or message you with WhatsApp? In any case our output fits seamlessly with your business processes and systems!


Step 5: Raise the bar

Our job doesn’t stop when you have a new customer or lead. Because at Bconnect, we are constantly improving and expanding our services and processes. The focus is entirely on improving quality and results. In other words, we keep raising the bar – that’s our promise!

Request a demo

At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can test for yourself. What are you waiting for?