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Want an impression of what our services can do for you? We asked our customers what they think of it so you can hear from them how satisfied they are.

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We have been asking our clients in recent months if they are satisfied with our services and if they would like to write a quote on our website. We received great responses that we would like to share with you.

We also conduct an ongoing satisfaction survey and score an average client rating of 9.1, of course we are very proud of that!

AI chat - Client rating

What our customers say

"Chat is a strong addition and a trend with potential. It is year number five of the partnership, so Bconnect is now well established here. We got through the start-up phase well, everything is running smoothly."

Kleyn Truck Blok Logo | Bconnect
Bob van der Laan
Kleyn Trucks

"Of course there have been teething problems at startup, that's normal. What matters is that it is then handled well and Bconnect has done that very well. We are very happy with the transparency"

Land Rover Logo | Bconnect
Stefaan Heirman
Jaguar Land Rover - BeNeLux

"Because of the short lines of communication, our feedback is processed quickly, which makes the cooperation increasingly pleasant, plus Bconnect provides a nice number of leads per week."

Aluwdoors Logo | Bconnect
Jan Kok

"The digital communication channels are fantastic for making the first contact, in which Bconnect as a specialist is indispensable, after that we want to speak to the customer in person. That's how we make a difference."

Mooijekind Vleut Logo | Bconnect
Menno Mönch
Mooijekind Vleut Brokers and Appraisers

We like our customers to be treated humanely and customer-friendly even outside office hours. Bconnect understands our tone-of-voice and we receive more leads and fewer calls and emails.

Select Windows & Doors Logo | Bconnect
Marjolein van Drunen
Select Windows

"We started right away at a high level and we were pleasantly surprised by that. We didn't expect it to go so well right away. We really started right away with leads and also sales coming from chat."

BMW Dubbelstyn De Fonkert | Bconnect
Marceau Mertens
Dubbelsteyn BMW & MINI

"We've been working together for 9 years now and I wouldn't want it any more
miss it! I know that if we didn't have the chat, we would be missing out on a good chunk of sales."

Wolke Buijs - Bowerkt
Wolke Buijs
Bowerkt Kantoorinrichting

"We receive more leads and also enjoy expanded online opening hours, which is highly desirable. We would definitely recommend Bconnect!"

Michael Braak | Breeman BMW
Michael Braak
Severs Breeman

"Through chat, we quickly connect with our target audience. With the benefit of a quick response and substantive answers, information and advice.

Review | Ploeg Kozijnen
Wendy de Liefde
Ploeg Kozijnen

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Chatting yourself

Free ebook: 7 Methods for success with Conversational Marketing

How do you engage with your target audience online? According to the latest marketing trend, that’s with Conversational Marketing. A nice term, but what exactly is it and through which channels do you deploy it? You’ll learn in our ebook full of explanations, examples and inspiration.

Omnichannel strategie autobedrijven

Enrich your service and sales with conversational marketing

Start the conversation at the moment when potential customers show interest in your business. Make the customer journey conversational by engaging in both online and offline campaigns with different channels, including live chat and WhatsApp. Curious how we do that?

Conversational marketing
Omnichannel strategie

An omnichannel strategy with modern channels

An omnichannel strategy is essential for any business today. You have multiple sales channels and consitence in communication is essential for a good customer experience.

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