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Don’t want the burdens but want the benefits of chat? Then choose live chat outsourcing, or Managed Chat. Our chat operators are champions at making great conversations. Our results speak for themselves, check out our customer cases

Who went before you

Our solution for live chat outsourcing: Managed Chat!

Consumers visit your website from early morning to late evening, including weekends. They expect you to be available for questions and advice as usual. After all, we live in a digital age, and where purchases are made, service is needed. But that desire from the market does present you with a problem. Because you are not always there to answer questions.

Ultimately, you want more leads and more sales. By outsourcing live chat to the specialist, well-trained chat operators answer all customer questions and guide the website visitor to an appointment, quote request or direct sale.

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More leads

More than 25% of website visitors who start a chat become a lead or direct conversion.

Better online service

For a pleasant service experience, speed, empathy and a personal touch are important factors

Bconnect | Bereikbaarheid van 08:00 - 23:30 uur

Better accessibility

Of all visitors, up to 5% start a chat conversation, which are all sales opportunities from 08:00-23:30, 7 days a week


Bowerkt X Bconnect
Kantoorinrichtingkopen X Bconnect

Klantcase: Van inspiratie en advies naar directe verkoop in de webshop

“Ik gebruik live chat omdat een webshop in feite een digitale winkel is. In een fysieke winkel ga je naar mensen toe om ze te helpen, dus moet je dat digitaal ook doen. Live chat is voor mij de meest gebruiksvriendelijke route met de minste weerstand.”


Wolke Buijs – Directeur Bowerkt en Kantoorinrichtingkopen.nl

Jaguar Land Rover

Bconnect | Jaguar Klantcase
Bconnect | Land Rover Klantcase

Klantcase: Leads genereren voor de dealers

“Voor ons zijn afspraken in de showroom belangrijk en proefritten ook, maar offertes zijn de beste leads vanuit chat voor ons, daar halen we de meeste verkoop uit.”

Stefaan Heirman – Jaguar Land Rover Benelux


Bconnect | BMW klantcase

Klantcase: Een vliegende start

“We begonnen gelijk op hoog niveau en daar zijn wij aangenaam door verrast. Wij dachten aan een geleidelijke stijgende lijn en dat na een paar maanden alles zou beginnen te lopen. Maar we begonnen echt direct met leads en ook verkopen die voortkomen uit chat”

Maurits Lindner – Online Salesmanager Dubbelsteyn

Reach your target audience with live chat and messaging

By outsourcing live chat, you ensure more clout in your organization. You open new channels for the customer and meet their desire in quick anonymous contact on the device of their choice. You get in touch with your target audience 24/7, wherever they are.

You help them get started with a personal and service-oriented approach and score more leads.

Experienced specialists

Chats are picked up by well-trained specialists

Focus on core tasks

Own staff can focus on their core tasks

Super fast response time

Fast response time ensures a good online experience

More channels

Every conceivable messaging app available as a channel

More integrations

Over 2000 integrations possible

Requesting a quote

At Bconnect, we are confident in our abilities. Hence, we like to show that completely without obligation, so you can see for yourself what we can do for you. What are you waiting for?

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Our promise

  • – We are here for you with 24/7 support
  • – We continuously analyze and optimize by
  • – We deliver well-qualified leads that convert
  • – We continue to train our operators on your industry
  • – Fast response time of +/- 20 seconds
  • – All data insight via custom designed Analytics dashboard

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Modern digital messaging channels

Live chat, WhatsApp Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps. The choice is vast. Consumers demand convenience and each individual has different preferences. With Bconnect’s omnichannel platform, you offer choice to your website visitor. Nothing changes for you, everything comes together in our platform. Ultimate convenience for both.

De beste integraties

Bij Bconnect geloven wij in een oplossing die past bij jou! Daarom bieden wij diverse integraties, zodat onze dienst naadloos aansluit op jouw onderneming.

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