Digital customer contact with a chat feature on your website

Do you want the customer service team to excel with a chat feature on your website? With our omnichannel platform, you let the customer choose the channel and your employees chat from 1 dashboard. Go for gold with our omnichannel platform!

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Improve your customer service with a chat feature on your website

You see more and more websites with a chat feature. People are tired of long waits; they want their questions answered quickly, preferably anonymously and on the device of their choice. The market demands good online service and ease of use from companies.

Are you on the bus or lying on the beach? Then you can usefully spend that time with some customer service questions. But calling, I’d rather not. A chat feature on the website makes customer contact very approachable. Quick answers to questions, no miserable phone menus, you don’t have to share all your data first, and you can get off whenever you want. Where purchases are made, service is needed, and where supply is viewed, questions arise. Take advantage of that!

Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022
Chatfunctie | Bconnect

Excel at customer contact

With customers calling less and less, chat offers you the chance for personal contact

Vinkje (check) | Bconnect

low-threshold contact

Chat is approachable, anonymous and great for quick questions.

Notificatie | Bconnect

Let your customer choose the channel

The ChatRocket has every common app available in one inbox

Our omnichannel platform: ChatRocket

  • – Make it easy for the customer to contact you
  • – Reduce telephony costs with call deflection
  • – One inbox for all messages across all channels
  • – Data insights with proprietary analytics
  • – Quickly answer questions and speed up the buying process
  • – Set pop-up triggers based on smart data
Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022
Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022

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Klantcase: Van inspiratie en advies naar directe verkoop in de webshop

“Ik gebruik live chat omdat een webshop in feite een digitale winkel is. In een fysieke winkel ga je naar mensen toe om ze te helpen, dus moet je dat digitaal ook doen. Live chat is voor mij de meest gebruiksvriendelijke route met de minste weerstand.”


Wolke Buijs – Directeur Bowerkt en

Trucks & Vans

Kleyn Trucks Logo | Klantcase
Bconnect | Kleyn Vans Klantcase

Klantcase: Dansen met de klant

“Het is jaar nummer drie van de samenwerking, dus Bconnect live chat is hier inmiddels ingeburgerd. We zijn de opstartfase goed doorgekomen, er is geen ontevredenheid, alles loopt goed. Tel je zegeningen, ons doel is bereikt.”

Bob van der Laan – Manager sales Kleyn Vans, Trucks & Trailers


Bconnect | BMW klantcase
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Klantcase: Een vliegende start

“We begonnen gelijk op hoog niveau en daar zijn wij aangenaam door verrast. Wij dachten aan een geleidelijke stijgende lijn en dat na een paar maanden alles zou beginnen te lopen. Maar we begonnen echt direct met leads en ook verkopen die voortkomen uit chat”

Maurits Lindner – Online Salesmanager Dubbelsteyn

Who is our live chat software suitable for?

Who are using our chat software on their websites?


Customer Service

Offer the best online service with live chat

Online winst omhoog | Bconnect


Get up to 25% more leads from the website

Tandwiel | Bconnect


Answer all customer questions quickly and easily

Rekenen | Bconnect


Use chat for billing questions

Raket | Bconnect


Making appointments and sending quotes via chat

Customer Contact Center Support

  • – All conversations available in a permission based chat archive
  • – Improve your team performance with feedback flows and reviews
  • – A custom created Analytics dashboard for team performance
  • – Assign roles and organize teams
  • – Team dasboards with KPIs, training and support
  • – Internal routing for assigning chats and messages
  • – Easy chat transfers between teams
  • – GDPR proof
Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022

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Modern digital messaging channels

Live chat, WhatsApp Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages and other messaging apps. Plenty choice available. Consumers demand convenience and each individual has different preferences. With Bconnect’s omnichannel platform, you offer choice to your website visitor. Nothing changes for you, all conversations come together on our platform. Ultimate convenience for both.

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