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Live chat and instant messaging software for your website

Excel in online customer service with live chat on your website. Let the customer choose their favourite instant messaging app or live chat for digital contact. Extent your availabilty and drive leads for sales with our omnichannel platform with analytics, and all-in-one inbox. Go for gold!

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Improve your customer service with live chat software on your website

More and more websites provide their customers with live chat for easy eccessible contant with customer service or sales. People are tired of long waits; they want quick answers to their questions, preferably anonymously and on the device of their choice. 


Live chat makes your online customers very approachable. Quick answers to questions. No obligations, no dreadful phone menus and you can stop whenever you want. Where purchases are made, service is needed, and where products are displayed, questions arise. Take full advantage and drive leads or direct sales!

Live chat and instant messaging on your website

Excel in digital customer contact

With customers calling less and less, chat offers you the best chance to get contact

Easy eccessible contact with your customers

Chat is eccessible, annonymous and great for quick questions.

Let your customer choose their favourite app for contact

Our ChatRocket has every instant messaging app available in one inbox

Our omnichannel platform: ChatRocket

  • – Be better eccessible for the customer to contact you
  • – Reduce telephony costs with call deflection
  • – One inbox for all conversations across all instant messaging apps
  • – Insight in results with proprietary analytics
  • – Quickly answer questions and speed up the buying process
  • – Setting pop-up triggers based on data
Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022
Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022

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At Bconnect, we are confident in our platfrom. Hence, we are happy to show off the features, without obligation, so you can see for yourself. We will walk you through our omnichnnel platform one-on-one in a live demo. What are you waiting for?

Who uses our live chat software?

What departments and teams use our omnichannel instant messaging software on their websites?


Customer Service

Offer the best online service with live chat and instant messaging


Get up to 25% more leads from online channels


Answer all customer questions quickly and easily


Use chat for billing questions and administartion


Great for quick conversations and offering quotes

Customer Contact Center Support

  • – Review all conversations with permission based chat archive
  • – Improve your team performance with feedback flows 
  • – Custom created analytics dashboards for team performance tracking
  • – Assign roles and organize teams in campaign management
  • – Team dasboards with KPIs, training and support
  • – Team routing for assigning chat conversations
  • –  Easy chat transfer between teams
  • – GDPR proof
Bconnect | Hybride werkgever 2022

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Bconnect | Jaguar Klantcase

Modern Instant messaging channels

Live chat, WhatsApp Facebook Messenger and other instant  messaging apps, we provide them all. Consumers demand convenience and each individual has different preferences. With our omnichannel platform, you offer choice to your website visitor. All messages integrated in one inbox. Ultimate convenience for both you and your customer.

The best integrations

At Bconnect we believe in solutions that fit our customers needs. To use of our platform in the best way possible, we offer a variety of integrations, to make sure our software and data will integrate fully with your systems

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