AI Chatbot: Next level sales and service

Automate your online customer contact with our AI chatbot, increase online conversion, score more leads and strengthen your brand with fast and adequate online customer service.

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Our knowledge base: the powerful engine

By coupling our software and knowledge base with over 13 years of chat data with Open AI, we now deliver the smartest AI Chatbot, fully optimized to convert every conversation into a lead or online sale.

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E-book | 7 Methods for Success with Conversational Marketing

The latest marketing trend is AI Chat with Conversational Marketing. A nice term, but what exactly is it and through which channels do you deploy it? You'll learn in our e-book full of explanations, examples and inspiration.

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These companies use Chat from Bconnect

More conversion with an AI chatbot

Consumers orient themselves entirely on the Internet before purchasing. As a modern company, you want to be on top of them so you can influence them. With an AI Chatbot, you can easily engage with them online.

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Less telephony

With an AI chatbot, you reduce incoming calls by an average of 38%

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Always accessible

With Bconnect’s AI chatbot, you’re available to your customers 24/7.

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Generate quality leads

Proven to increase conversions by up to 25% through your website and marketing campaigns

Chat AI | Bconnect

Increase your accessibility

Over 40% of all searches for products and services happen after hours. With an AI Chatbot, you are at all times available to your target audience. The AI Chatbot answers questions and drives conversion.

Optimal ease of use, an AI chat optimized for conversion

Traditional Chabots with choice options are not user-friendly, causing many customers to drop out. That’s why we offer an AI Chat that makes you feel like you’re talking to a human being, keeps the conversation going, provides great content and always drives conversion.


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AI Chatbot Premium

Self-chatting with AI auto-suggestions

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What our customers say

"Any teething problems at startup have of course been there, that's normal. Bconnect is so transparent that small mistakes were noticed immediately and we received them as feedback from our dealers. What matters is that it is then handled properly and Bconnect has done that very well. We are just very happy with this transparency"

Bconnect | Land Rover Logo
Stefaan Heirman
Jaguar Land Rover Benelux

"I think we do many things well together and we are growing. We are both aware of trends and innovations in the market. We are both continuously improving and the pace is about the same. We both want to be better, with the right vision and with the right strategy. Looking at something with different eyes and building new things."

Pala Group
Bart Pellis
Pala Group

"With Bconnect, we are able to be accessible 7 days a week until 11:30 p.m. in a low-threshold manner. Because of the hybrid construction, we can first follow up the chats ourselves and if there is too little capacity, Bconnect takes over the chat. As a result, we can always be reached. I find the service very pleasant. In short, I would definitely recommend Bconnect.

Logo Van Tilburg Bastianen
Kim Loonen
Van Tilburg-Bastianen
Omnichannel strategie

An omnichannel strategy with modern channels

An omnichannel strategy is essential for any business today. You have multiple sales channels and consitence in communication is essential for a good customer experience. Our AI Chatbot can connect you to any digital communication channel.