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The customer’s main desires for online purchases are ease of use and speed. By integrating conversational AI – such as ChatGPT – into our platform, we are responding to this. Our operators now chat faster than ever before, and you too can take advantage of this if you still prefer to chat yourself.

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Personal conversations with conversational AI as a tool

Through clever use of Chat GPT, our chat operators now chat faster than ever before. With multiple AI powered features integrated into our platform, our chat operators are able to pick up conversations faster and make them run more smoothly.

With the help of conversational AI, we thus increase customer experience, satisfaction and conversion. But we continue to do people work. A human touch in a digital world that creates understanding, recognition and brand loyalty.

Live chat en messaging met AI ondersteuning
Chat met AI ondersteuning

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Potentially, you are available to your customers 24/7. Outsource it to us and they will get instant answers to all their questions from 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.

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Faster reaction time

No waiting times, approachable contact and smooth well-running conversations. With the help of AI, we do just a little bit better

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More conversion

With improved ease of use, more complete answers and faster access to the right information, you increase customer satisfaction and conversion

Chatting using conversational AI: how does it work?

One quickly thinks of Chat GPT when talking about conversational AI. So is it this chatbot that now provides the answers in our chat? No, it doesn’t. Our operators provide the answers, but they use intelligent utilities that take advantage of Chat GPT’s computing power and AI.

This AI assistance allows our operators to get the right information from our database faster and also to give the right answer faster. Simultaneously, call content and ease of use for operators and customer experience also improves.

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Voordelen van Conversational AI

The benefits of chatting with Conversational AI as support

With conversational AI, you don’t have to wait for a chat operator to be available. You can have the AI give the initial answers and then take over the conversation.

You can access the right information faster with AI tools, thus reducing the time it takes you to respond. Also, you improve the content of the answer offered.

Your conversations will run more smoothly resulting in a more satisfied customer. Ease of use and good service create customer loyalty and therefore ultimately more conversions

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Chatting yourself

Want to learn more about chatting with conversational AI support?

We like to lead by example when it comes to chatting. So, if you have questions or need more information. Start a chat with our operators and you’ll get instant answers to all your questions!

Chat with AI support or completely over to conversational AI chatbot?

Companies spend a lot of time, money and attention training people to work more efficiently and achieve better results. We provide that efficiency with the help of artificial intelligence, or AI, with smart innovations.

Whether you want to chat yourself or outsource it to us, conversational AI is part of the service and ensures improved performance. If you want to move completely to a conversational AI chatbot, we can provide that as well, with or without a handoff to an employee. The choice is yours. These innovations are unstoppable, are you coming on board?

Chatbot of Chat operator met AI ondersteuning?
Omnichannel strategie

An omnichannel strategy is indispensable

An omnichannel strategy is indispensable for any business. You have multiple sales channels and consistency in communication is essential for a good customer experience. Choose the right communication channel with your conversational marketing campaigns. Thus, you increase your service level, your bond with the company and your online conversion.

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