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Chat on your website is an indispensable channel for customer contact. Whether you want to use it for online customer service or to boost conversion and online sales. Conversational AI and Chat take your online performance to the next level!

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Direct contact and good conversations via chat

Much to the annoyance of consumers, it is increasingly common for companies not to offer opportunities for direct contact with customer service or sales. You have to ask yourself if the cost savings outweigh the loss in sales due to poor service.

With AI powered Live Chat on your website, you offer an approachable solution for quick contact with a personal touch. Your website visitors have questions, questions that if left unanswered are going to be frustrating. Questions that when adequately answered by the competitor do cause you to lose customers. Be aware of the importance of good online service

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Personal contact

With a personal approach, you get closer to your target audience and learn what’s on their minds

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Outstanding service

With an approachable channel and quick answers, you offer online service that ensures high customer satisfaction

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More online sales

By always being available, you advise the customer in making choices and increase direct online sales

The landscape of customer contact has changed. Move along in time!

Live chat offers many advantages that make consumers prefer that channel to calling. The user can choose where and when to make the call. You get an answer or advice you can do something with much faster. With the advent of AI tools, chat is now even faster and responses are better in content than ever before.

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The benefits of AI powered live chat

With live chat on your website, you open a low-threshold channel for customer contact that allows you to speak to your target audience more often. And that’s what makes it so that customers stick with you.

More leads, conversion and direct online sales. Live chat is an excellent tool for sales.

Customers are looking for products and services in the evenings and weekends, and that is precisely when the questions arise. Therefore, they expect you to be available for questions outside office hours.

Customer case: Kleyn Trucks & Vans

“It’s year number three of the partnership, so Bconnect live chat is now well established here. We got through the startup phase well, there is no dissatisfaction, everything is running well. Count your blessings, our goal has been achieved.”

Bob van der Laan – Manager of sales Kleyn Vans, Trucks & Trailers

Bconnect | Jaguar Klantcase

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Direcly in conversation with the customer

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We like to lead by example when it comes to Live Chat. So, if you have questions or need more information. Start a chat with our operators and you’ll get instant answers to all your questions!

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Conversational marketing with our omnichannel platform

Live chat is indispensable, but consumers use many more channels. Some want the familiar convenience of WhatsApp, others the anonymity of Google Business Messages and the next prefer to make direct purchases through Facebook Messenger. With our omnichannel platform, you serve all customers’ needs and excel in digital customer contact.

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Omnichannel strategie

Omnichannel software for digital customer contact

An omnichannel strategy is essential for any business today. You have multiple sales channels and consistency in communication is essential for a good customer experience. Choose the right commincation channel with the right sales channel. Serve your customers to their needs and remove barriers that make you more likely to engage with your target audience. Whether you choose 2,3 or 6 different channels, they all arrive in one inbox. Thus, you increase your service level, your bond with the company and your online conversion.

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