Rates for Live Chat Outsourcing and Omnichannel Software

For our services are tailored to each clients needs. Pricing depend entirely on the purchased package, ad-ons and instant messaging channels. On this page are from prices as an indication, do you want to know what it will cost for your company?

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Live chat uitbesteden

Live Chat outsourcing

The perfect plan for more leads and online sales

‘Sales as a service’ with live chat is a custom job for each customer. Start a chat with our chat operators for full infomation about costs

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Omnichannel platform

Omnichannel platform

The best instant messaging and live chat combined in one inbox

What’s included in the basic plan?
Everything except from the add-ons

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What do you get in the basic plan for live chat outsourcing?

Live chat on your website

A modern chat pop-up placed on one or more websites of your choice. You select the pages that will have live chat on them

Dedicated customer succes managers per client

Dedicated Customer Success Managers to ensure we achieve the shared objectives

Well experienced chat operators

Our chat operators are carefully selected, receive industry-specific training and deliver guaranteed quality

Data analytics

Transparent insight into all data through our proprietary analytics platform. From visitor to conversation to conversion. Everything!

Triggers and conditions

Smart triggers set by experts. This is how ensure that the chat pop-up appears when the probability of conversion is highest

Chat archive

Would you like to read back conversations? Get insights in what your target audience has to say Permission based and GDPR proof. Integration with CRM possible

Additional benefits


Tech support and Customer Success work on monthly optimization based on client feedback and chat data

Feedback Flows

Multiple ways of assessment for quality assurance, both by the customer and staff, which serve as inputs for service improvement

Qualified leads

Proper qualification for leads that fit the profile for a healthy sales pipeline This is how we ensure leads with intent to buy

Connecting additional instant messaging channels

Connecting channels such as; WhatsApp, Messenger and Google Business Messages is free. WhatsApps is paid per conversation

Tech & Support

Integrations and API

Connecting with CRM, lead software, inventory management, administration or finance? it's all possible


Support is available by chat on weekdays, we will address all issues within 4 hours

Want more information? Start a chat

What included in the Omnichannel plan?

Live chat on your website

A modern chat pop-up placed on one or more websites of your choice. You select the pages that will have live chat on them

Chat analytics

Optimize live chat based on data with full access to all features within our proprietary chat analytics.

Team dashboards

Manage your teams data-driven, set KPIs, assess chats and let teams compete with each other

Unlimited number of users

In the omnichannel platform plan an unlimited number of users is standard and at no extra costs


Smart triggers

Determine when and under what condition the chat pop-up will appear for your website visitors

Automatic messages

Customize the first message in the chat box based on the page content

Chat archive

Would you like to read back conversations? Get insights in what your target audience has to say Permission based, safe and GDPR proof.


What route did your website visitors take before the chat started? The routing function will tell you

Tech & Support

Integrations and API

Connecting with CRM, lead software, inventory management, administration or finance? It is all possible.

Support and training

Support is available by chat on weekdays. Product or chat training available upon request

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More info on rates?

Feel free to for live chat outsourcing rates, omnichannel software, connecting additional channels, integrations and more. Do you want more product information or an estimate? Request a demo, our specialists will be happy to help you.


Messaging channels

WhatsApp Business

Unlock the benefits of the most used messaging app in the world. This is how you offer your customers excelent online service and increase your conversions

Facebook Messenger

Take advantage of the biggest social media platform. Answer all customer queries across multiple channels from one single inbox

Google Business Messages

Let customers start conversations with your company from the world's largest search engine (Google Search & Maps).


WhatsApp campaigns


We provide the insight marketers want with comprehensive campaign tracking, incl conversion to lead for sales and direct online purchases

Apply corporate identity

Adding colors and logos brings the corporate identity into WhatsApp to ensure that little extra recognition for the customer.

Campaign dashboards

Create dasboards based on the KPIs of your choice. Manage teams, read data and optimize your campaigns for best results


Hybrid chat

Get started with the ChatRocket

During business hours your staff handles all chat and messaging with full use of our omnichannel platform including all features and extras it has to offer

Expanded availability after hours

Outsource chat to Bconnect's experienced operators after hours and during weekends. This will you increase your availability to 8AM - 11:30PM

Chat overflow at peak traffic

Sudden rush, black Friday, or sale events. We are standby to handle all the messages your staff can't pick up on

Up from €9/per day

Mobile App

Media sharing

Videos, images, your location and .pdf files such as leaflets, flyers and brochures. You can share safely and trusted


You are no longer tied to your desk. You receive a notification on your smartphone for every new message so you'll never keep a customer waiting

Easy chat transfer

Switch from customer service to sales and back again and end up at billing within one conversation.

€25/per month

Costs for live chat and instant messaging

We provide customized solutions for each and every customer. Why? Because the needs and wishes for a specific situation are different for every client. Some look for more appointments in their showrooms, others want leads for sales and the next prospect is looking for increase in direct online sales. Do you want to add live chat on your website, or do you prefer a chatbot? Do you want to use instant messaging within your marketing campaigns and have our operators handle the conversations? There is so much diversity in demand that we simply cannot create a standard package.

If you would like more insight in costs, and perhaps receive an estimate price indication or no-obligation quote, we would be happy to assess your needs and organization first. When we have the full scope of the demand, we will calculate both the costs and the expected revenues.

Jaguar Land Rover

Bconnect | Jaguar logo
Bconnect | Land Rover Logo

Klantcase: Leads genereren voor de dealers

“Voor ons zijn afspraken in de showroom belangrijk en proefritten ook, maar offertes zijn de beste leads vanuit chat voor ons, daar halen we de meeste verkoop uit.”

Stefaan Heirman – Jaguar Land Rover Benelux


Bconnect | BMW klantcase
MINI Logo | Klantcase

Klantcase: Een vliegende start

“We begonnen gelijk op hoog niveau en daar zijn wij aangenaam door verrast. Wij dachten aan een geleidelijke stijgende lijn en dat na een paar maanden alles zou beginnen te lopen. Maar we begonnen echt direct met leads en ook verkopen die voortkomen uit chat”

Maurits Lindner – Online Salesmanager Dubbelsteyn

Trucks & Vans

Kleyn Trucks Logo | Klantcase
Bconnect | Kleyn Vans Klantcase

Klantcase: Dansen met de klant

“Het is jaar nummer drie van de samenwerking, dus Bconnect live chat is hier inmiddels ingeburgerd. We zijn de opstartfase goed doorgekomen, er is geen ontevredenheid, alles loopt goed. Tel je zegeningen, ons doel is bereikt.”

Bob van der Laan – Manager sales Kleyn Vans, Trucks & Trailers


Bowerkt X Bconnect
Kantoorinrichtingkopen X Bconnect

Klantcase: Van inspiratie en advies naar directe verkoop in de webshop

“Ik gebruik live chat omdat een webshop in feite een digitale winkel is. In een fysieke winkel ga je naar mensen toe om ze te helpen, dus moet je dat digitaal ook doen. Live chat is voor mij de meest gebruiksvriendelijke route met de minste weerstand.”


Wolke Buijs – Directeur Bowerkt en Kantoorinrichtingkopen.nl