Never miss out on customers again with
AI-powered live chat and messaging

With AI chat and messaging driven customer communications, you increase conversion and customer experience through your website. With Bconnect, you excel in customer contact, convenience, online service and qualified online leads. Bundle all channels into one AI chat inbox, and easily connect with your customer.

Our satisfied customers

Personal conversations, more leads and satisfied customers

Stay relevant to your customers with AI powered live chat and messaging. Approach your target audience with an omnichannel strategy when and where they want it. Digitise your sales and raise the level of your online customer service.

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Grotere bereikbaarheid

Greater accessibility

With our AI powered chat software, you are available to your customers 24/7.

USP - meer conversie

More qualified leads

Up to 25% more leads by deploying live chat and messaging on your website and other channels.

Hogere klanttevredenheid

Higher customer satisfaction

With approachable contact and quick answers, you increase online customer satisfaction.

Reach more online visitors with AI Chat

Our AI Chat picks up all calls effortlessly and quickly. Service and sales trained AI with experienced operators to support a good customer experience and high conversion.

Digitaal klantcontact via live chat - Bconnect
Conversational marketing

Excel in customer contact with our AI powered omnichannel platform

With our AI powered omnichannel platform, you bundle all channels into one inbox. You answer all questions, drive online sales, appointments and quotes. Strengthen your brand with modern channels and smart campaigns. Connect with your target audience and bind customers to your business.

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We believe that as AI chat specialists, we can help any business in bringing down phone costs, increasing online service and generating more leads. Find out for yourself via the no-obligation demo!

What our customers say

"Chat is a strong addition and a trend with potential. It is year number five of the partnership, so Bconnect is now well established here. We got through the start-up phase well, everything is running smoothly."

Kleyn Truck Blok Logo | Bconnect
Bob van der Laan
Kleyn Trucks

"Of course there have been teething problems at startup, that's normal. What matters is that it is then handled well and Bconnect has done that very well. We are very happy with the transparency"

Land Rover Logo | Bconnect
Stefaan Heirman
Jaguar Land Rover - BeNeLux

"We started right away at a high level and we were pleasantly surprised by that. We didn't expect it to go so well right away. We really started right away with leads and also sales coming from chat."

BMW Dubbelstyn De Fonkert | Bconnect
Marceau Mertens
Dubbelsteyn BMW & MINI

Curious about the possibilities? Ask our specialists!

At Bconnect, we are confident in our platform. That’s why we are happy to show you the possibilities without any obligation, so you can test it for yourself. What are you waiting for?

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With more than 12 years of experience working for importers, dealer holding companies and used car dealers, we can call ourselves a true expert in the automotive industry.

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Bconnect is the extension of your office with chat for brokerage. Through live chat and WhatsApp, strive for excellent service and more leads.

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With chat for retail, you stand out in the marketplace. Effortlessly reach your visitors, increase service and sell more online

Which solution is a better fit for your business?


Chatting yourself

Free ebook: 7 Methods for success with conversational marketing

How do you engage with your target audience online? According to the latest marketing trend, that’s with Conversational Marketing. A great term, but what exactly is it and through what channels do you deploy it? You’ll learn in our ebook full of explanations, examples and inspiration.

Omnichannel strategie autobedrijven

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Knowledge base

Enrich your service and sales with conversational marketing

Companies spend a lot of time, money and attention on marketing. How many of these expressions do you turn into conversations? How many of the views lead to a sale? With conversational marketing, you make results from marketing insightful and convert them directly into conversations!

Start the conversation at the moment when potential customers show interest in your business. Make the customer journey conversational by running both online and offline campaigns with different channels, including live chat and WhatsApp. Curious how we do that?

Conversational marketing
Omnichannel strategie

An omnichannel strategy with modern channels

An omnichannel strategy is essential for any business today. You have multiple sales channels and consistency in communication is essential for a good customer experience. Choose the right communication channel with the right sales channel. Serve your customers to their needs and remove barriers that make you more likely to connect with your target audience. Whether you choose 2,3 or 6 different channels, they all arrive in one inbox. That’s how you increase your service level, your bond with the company and your online conversion.